Story of My Life: Let’s Fly Away!

Today I was sitting on the floor going through some creativity books that I have and I glanced up and really liked the way that all of the lines looked outside the window with the long stretch of sky above the house.   It was another gray day and it just looked interesting to me.

In other news, I made something SO cute!!  I was trying to design a flyer for my upcoming trip to Cincinnati and ended up making this along the way!!  I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last thing that I make.  I’ve thought about making cool headers kinda like this for my shoots and this was not that hard so you may be seeing more things like this in the future.  Other than that I was doing some research and reading articles for the upcoming creativity group that is starting this week!  I’m excited about that too!  Lots of good and fun things coming up!! Do you have any favorite creativity resources/books/websites/articles that have helped you creatively?  By the way, this picture is from Joseph & Megan’s engagement pictures that I took last spring.

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